Please see below a list of our tarifs / fees on all services we offer:

First EU Dutch Boat Registration299,00 Euro

We will register your boat for a flat fee of 299,00 Euro. This includes advice, expedited 3-5 business days turnaround time, registration fees, using our Dutch resident address and sending the paper work to you by overnight courier.

First EU Dutch Boat Registration + UK Ltd648,00 Euro

We setup an United Kingdom LTD. for you in 24 hours. This LTD is owned by you but can also have additional owners if needed. The total cost for the setup of the LTD. is 349.00 Euro and after that 249 Euro annually. As the LTD. is only used for owning a boat you will not need to pay any taxes or do any government filings.
After 24 hours, the LTD is setup and then you make a new bill of sale on the name of your UK LTD.
We will then register the ICP for 299,00 EUR on the UK LTD. as owner of the vessel and you will receive your Dutch boat registration 3 days later.

The price of the total package (UK Ltd + ICP) is 648,00 EUR and includes:
*UK Ltd registration
*All registration fees
*Includes Dutch domicile
*Expedited 3-5 day service
*DHL overnight courier

Add MMSI Telecom Licence registration149,00 Euro

If you add the MMSI to your Dutch boat registration, you receive a discounted price of 149,00 EUR

First MMSI Telecom Licence Registration199,00 Euro

To request your first MMSI standalone product without ordering any other product with us the price is 199,00 EUR

Renewal of your MMSI Telecom Registration99,00 Euro

The fee to renew your MMSI Telecom Licence registration is 99,00 EUR

Change In Ownership315,00 Euro

In the case of a new owner, the previous certificate needs to be cancelled and a new one has to be applied for if you want to continue under Dutch Boat Registration. We can take care of this in a total of 2x5 Business days.

Modification / Renewal149,00 Euro

We can make modifications to your current certificate, if the owner remains the same. We often have clients purchase new engine(s) and we can change the registered engine numbers for them. You will have to send us the original Dutch Boat Registration Certificate in order to have it modified.

Dutch Boat Registration Cancellation149,00 Euro

We can cancel your Dutch registration, if you for instance are going to sell the vessel.

Spanish Boat Registration Cancellation149,00 Euro

We can cancel your spanish registration.

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